Monday, October 1, 2012

Keeping a Brooklyn Kitchen Kickin'

Long time no type!  As it always tends to as summer fades into fall, business for Click and Improve was a bit, well, busy over the last two months, so we weren’t able to get on here as much as we would like. Hopefully, this will be amended as the weeks go on into fall/winter (fingers crossed!).  Most of this business involved small and singular projects: gutter cleaning and replacement, roofing installation and repair, paint jobs in living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms, and a few large home additions. We did, however, get to perform at least one desperately needed kitchen renovation in Brooklyn a few weeks ago. New cabinets were installed along with countertops; new plumbing and faucet were put in; new refrigerator with hot/cold water was purchased and installed. Pictures are occasionally blurry but we think you get the picture. (Ha! Sorry.)