Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bathroom Mold Prevention

You have seen it before, and we all get it from time to time. No matter how many cleaning sessions we give our bathrooms, mold is an enemy that just won’t go away. You know what I am referring to. Just look at the corners of the tub that you have a daily love/hate relationship. When was the last time you had your bathroom cleaned? Less than a week ago I am sure.
It is crazy how quick mold disappears and reappears. Did you know that mold only needs a gestation period of 24 hours to germinate and grow? Let us start with the basics. Mold loves damp, dark and isolated areas in the bathroom. The bathroom is one area of the house that remains wet for a period of time. It is enough for mold to build up. Did you know that ventilation or lack thereof has a lot to do with the growth of mold? There are other traps like rugs, grout and shower curtains that retain moisture. So what do you do about it? You may want to consider a ventilation fan for starters. Rule of thumb is to allow at least 30 minutes of running time to combat the moisture in the bathroom after usage.
Purchasing mold resistant shower curtains will help ease the war on mold, and do not forget to wash the towels and rugs that are used regularly. Just because, it appears dry, it is not. If mold has already taken its position in your bathroom; then it is time to get down and dirty. Cleaning your bathroom with traditional bleach, vinegar and hydrogen peroxide still work wonders. Usually a mixture of ½ cup bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide with 1 qt water and a little bit of detergent will do the job. The detergent helps rinse off the surface while the rest helps kill the mold on contact.
For tough stains, you want to apply the application and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes. Be sure the bristles are saturated in running water before you begin to scrub away. Unfortunately, the task is nothing enjoyable, but if you have to do it be mindful and wear latex gloves with a mask if possible. Chemical cleaners like bleach, are toxic so ventilate as much as possible for your safety and please be careful and not have elderly parents, children or pets around. Daily maintenance will save you a lot of work by weeks end, if you have the luxury.