Tuesday, May 7, 2013

10 Home Improvements To Consider

The sun is out and natures first green is our gold. Thank God, Spring is finally here. We are feeling it with the warmer days. Our energy levels are up, and now we find ourselves making weekend trips to the local Home Depot or Lowe's department stores. Some of us are looking for ideas, while others have a plan. Any home improvement big or small will have an impact.Whether you are looking to sell your property in the coming months or tired of being the worst house on the block, any improvement is better than none at all. Some home improvement can be value added, while others are personal preference to the way you want to live.

If you are looking for some direction and want a quick reference to what to start with, check out these 10 home improvements to help jump start your mental juices and get you to start on something:

Front entry doors: The average homeowner treats their entry door like a guest bedroom, little attention to detail and style. It is a huge curb appeal factor not to be ignored. Aside from energy efficiency and weather tolerance, a new quality door will immediately make a statement at entry.

Siding: Whether you are replacing it or debating on getting it installed, siding will add a punch to the look of your home. Not only does siding add a layer of insulation, and protection, but it will enhance the appearance of your home, and is considered capital improvement. Siding adds value.

Decks: Warmer days, means a lot of time out doors. What better way to enjoy it, than to extend your living space. Big or small, family entertainment can be enjoyed inside and out.

Windows: Replacement windows = energy savers, plus tax credits.

Kitchen: Improving your kitchen does not have to be a major investment, but it will make you smile more while making your morning coffee. Refacing cabinets and changing hardware is a start. Changing the backsplash can be the answer to an immediate change.

Basement: Living space taken to another level. Always take inventory of wasted, under utilized rooms in the house. If waterproofing is not a major job to tackle, framing, sheetrock, subfloors are very quick to install. A finished basement does not have to be major investment, but will add to the value of yours.

Attic: Hidden space for an office, extra bedroom, additional storage. Walking on beams? They do make easy to install sub-floors in squares, you pass them in the aisles all the time.

Bathroom: Can be a 30 minute makeover with replacing fixtures and hardware, to reglazing (not 30 minutes) your tub and tiles for that overnight transformation. Even a vanity can be painted a cool color.

Addition: If you find yourself outliving your space, large family or expecting one, research the cost in adding an addition before looking into a new home. You may find that an alternative is over your roof.

Landscaping: Some of us do not have a green thumb, keep grass short and it will never look sloppy. Landscaping is an art form, so it does require a level of attention. Consider evergreen shrubs as a carefree option.

Granted, some improvements can be a bit costly. Please gather your estimates, and make comparisons. The lowest is not always the best, and the highest does not always mean quality. Take it upon yourself to purchase all the supplies, and look for installation services only. This will make a big difference in your budget planning.