Friday, April 19, 2013

Brooklyn Mom Gets Her Dream Kitchen

It is always an experience when you sit with a customer who wishes to renovate their home. Ms. Ramirez has lived in her house for over 30 years. For her, just being able to own a home was a dream come true. Ms. Ramirez recalls when she closed on her house in 1983 and paying shy under $20,000.00 for it. The house needed some work back then, the typical stuff like new windows, doors, painting both interior and exterior, a new bathroom, kitchen and basement.

Ms. Ramirez knew that Rome was not built in a day and that eventually she would manage to get things done over time. A lot of work was done by family and friends over the years "because that is what you do when money was tight", she says. Being a mother of 5 and making sure that each of them graduated from college was her 2nd dream come true. Her 3rd dream was to have a dream kitchen. Over the years she did some renovation work to her kitchen, but swore when she retired that she would treat herself at no expense to what she wanted and wanted to design it her way.

She was very much a foreman on her own job. Most customers usually wait and see, allowing the experts to do their thing. Ms. Ramirez wanted to be part of the experience, she even was prepared with her own ideas from her lap top.
Had her own samples.

Down to the backsplash.
We often joked asking her "what would you like us to do today?" Once she selected the design it was time.

She was not around for this (opposite side of kitchen).

She got her dream (old door to be replaced with a new one, still on back-order):