Friday, April 5, 2013

The Mamas Expo Cleans House

So, the alarm clock rings for the 3rd time and your husband is still in bed sleeping or at least pretending to be. It is 5:30 in the morning and you are wishing it was Saturday. Unfortunately, it is not. The dog is by your side waiting patiently for you to get up, and out of bed because he knows mommy is the only one that will let him out. You by-pass the bathroom mirror without looking at it knowing quite well the face you have on.
With one eye open, you stare down at your sink, and wonder for a second were the ring around the basin came from.

As you make your way down the hallway, you are stepping over crumbs on the rug, moving clothes and toys to the side while taking slow sleepy steps down the stairs. The banister is sticky from God only knows what, but it does not matter. It does not matter because you know what you are about to walk into. You turn on the kitchen light, only wishing to turn it off because it looks like a diner after a stampede of teens on spring break (yours). The sink is piled again, and there are left over snacks on the counter, stool, and kitchen table. There is spilled orange juice in the fridge and floor (now you know where the stickiness on the banister came from).

As you sit quietly; trying desperately to have a moment with your coffee, you hear the kids waking up and moving upstairs. It is only Tuesday. So when this mother received an email to test our cleaning service, there was no thinking about it.

Though this story is not exactly one of Leni Calas's, Founder of The Mamas Expo. It is a story of many mothers that make it happen daily. They carry the world on their shoulders and somehow make it work, make it look easy, even when it is not. Leni is the creator of Queens Mamas, which is a website that brings local brands and families together, as well as posting news and local events for her readers. The site is a terrific resource for parents wanting to also connect with other parents. This effort spun off a demand for the same in Brooklyn, Long Island and she is gaining momentum, moving full speed ahead. On May 5th Leni Calas will be presenting her fourth expo at New York Hall of Science bringing brands and families together in person.

We have been fortunate to have participated in them, and we have to say they have been a blast. To see the work that is managed daily on a website come to life for one day is an incredible experience. We were grateful that The Mamas Expo granted us an opportunity to participate almost 2 years ago. Leni Calas knows all to well what it takes to for start-up companies to gain footing and with her team embraced Click and Improve. At the time, it was our first expo, and we did not know what to expect. To be side by side with brand names in an open forum was inconceivable for us being a start-up company, a true newbie. The team at The Mamas Expo made it look easy. They sat, coached, read us the rules and sent us on our way. What a reflection in great parenting, even for companies. This event is indicative of a positive movement, backed by empowered mothers with a strong voice and purpose. There is no question who Mama is!

When: Sunday May 5th2013 from 10 am – 5 pm

Where: New York Hall of Science -  47-01 111th Street Queens, NY 11368

Ticket Price: To Save on Tickets - Purchase your tickets in advance before May 4, 20123 online at to save a minimum of 15% off the Mamas Expo Access Ticket. Ticket includes all-day admission to New York Hall of Science, access to the Mama’s Expo and events, access to New York’s largest Science Playground, plus one round of Rocket Park Mini Golf.

Mama’s Expo Advance Access Ticket:
$17 Adult (18+)
$13 Child (2-17), Student (w/ID), Senior (62+)/ Under 2 Free
(15% off Adult regular price / 19% off Child Regular Price)

Tickets will be available for purchase at the door for full price.
Includes General Admission for one, Access to the Mama’s Expo, 1 ticket to Science Playground and 1 any-time voucher for Mini-Golf (valid for 1 round of Rocket Park Mini-Golf. Expires June 5, 2013)

A limited number of Mama’s Expo VIP Tickets are available for online advance purchase only. VIP tickets are $30 per person* and include all components of the Advance Access Ticket PLUS an exclusive Gift Bag including sample products and savings. To purchase VIP tickets, please visit

*Pay one price for adults, children, students, seniors.
Mama’s Expo VIP Ticket, $40. Includes all Advance Access Ticket components PLUS exclusive Gift Bag. Must be purchased in advance to guarantee your gift bag.